No Deposit Bonus


You probably know that modern online casinos have a lot of advantages over real gambling establishments, starting with accessibility and ending with numerous bonuses. Some of the bonuses are part of promotions or referral programs to attract new customers, some give serious discounts when you deposit a specified amount to your account, some are distributed weekly or monthly. Separately, it is worth noting the no deposit bonus – probably, this is one of the most beneficial gifts from the casino for both beginners and experienced players.

What is a no deposit bonus

So, no deposit bonus is a sum of money of a certain size, which the casino credits to your account. Usually it is not too big, within ten to twenty dollars, but even this is enough for a sufficient number of rounds in any game. Accordingly, this type of bonus differs from all the others, first of all, by the fact that you do not need to make a deposit for a full game. This is not demonstration capital – you can safely spend it on your own and win real money. Moreover, it is completely free, and the casino will not require it to be returned in any way.

How to get a no deposit bonus for registration

In most cases, this bonus is provided as a welcome gift when registering a new user. Thus, you immediately have the opportunity to try your hand and even get some benefit. Registration rarely takes a lot of time, but it should be borne in mind that you may be asked for some personal information, including a phone number, although the most important thing here is email and its confirmation. Any serious casino necessarily monitors the confidentiality of their customers, so you can not worry about security. And you need all this in order to confirm the identity of the player and not to credit money to fictitious accounts.

What to do with no deposit bonus in the casino

After completing the registration and receiving a gift from the institution to your account, you can immediately use it to play. Sometimes the casino preliminarily limits the range of games where this bonus is valid, allowing you to apply it only in one particular game or in one genre. To avoid disappointment, pay attention to the conditions for receiving and applying the bonus.

Reverse side of free initial capital

The main difficulty in the case of no deposit bonus is that you can not withdraw the donated amount until you win it. The main element of this condition is the wager – the wagering coefficient. It is he who determines the amount of bids that you must make in order to qualify for a withdrawal. Of course, if we were talking about a deposit, such restrictions would not have arisen. But here, in order to receive ten dollars donated, you will need to make a total amount of bets, for example, for three hundred dollars, and only after that you will be able to withdraw and cash the money. And then either you have to add your funds, or play so successfully to fully use and increase the bonus capital.

Time Limit Bonus

The so-called “bonus for an hour”, which can also be given during registration, in some aspects is much more convenient than the standard bonus. Firstly, it is also no deposit and gratuitous, and secondly, in this case everything depends on your speed. An amount, which usually amounts to several tens of dollars, is likewise deposited into your account, and in an hour you should have time to use this money in some kind of game or genre indicated in the conditions – for example, in slots. If you play fast enough, and good luck does not forget about you, you can be well enriched. Of course, everything that you did not have time to spend, will burn, but it will not be necessary to win back what you can win. True, the casino has the right to take a certain winning percentage for itself – or to forbid it to be withdrawn directly, but in this case you can spend everything