slot machine

Facts On Gambling Slot Machines

  1. Slot Machines guarantee a Ninety Percent Payback 

Slot Machines are commonly known as a return to the player or payback percentage. While Gambling it is essential to keep in mind how much money you will make and the frequency of the same. A majority of the slot machines boast of a Ninety percent payback. Since the markets are highly competitive, slot machines these days are averaging at RTP’s between 93-94%.


  1. Slot Machines do not keep track of the jackpots paid out 

Like many others in this world, gamblers too have numerous superstitions. One of this is the concept of the ‘hot slot machine’ and ‘cold slot machine”. Players believe that the slot machines are able to track how many jackpots they had paid out when the last one was paid out. However, most of the time the results generated are entirely arbitrary, and it is all up to how lucky you can get.


  1. Progressive Slot Jackpots are equal in size to Lotteries  

The growth in technology has lead to increasingly progressive slot jackpots.  These jackpots are different from the traditional slot machines. The concept behind these jackpots is that a person playing either version of the slot machine ( online and offline ) has a chance of winning the jackpot.

Some lucky players even get to win millions through these jackpots. In addition to that, these slot jackpots have more paylines, extra bonus rounds, and mini-games.


  1. Traditional and Modern Slot Machines have very little in common 

Keeping in mind the growth in technology, slot machines as we know have evolved drastically. Modern-day slot machines are present both online and offline. While the traditional slot machines have Coin Slots, Levers, Reels, and hoppers, the modern day slot machines have many additional and complex components such as Bill Validators, RNG’s, Touchscreens, and Machine Cabinets.



  1. Online and land-based slots are similar in the way they function 

Although there is a vast difference in the looks, complexity, and elements involved in slot machines that are online and offline, their way of functioning is quite similar. Both versions of the machine use a random number generator to provide a random result with every spin. This ensures the casino or the players do not rig the game. The significant difference between the online and offline version is the hardware under the hood. Online casinos majorly focus on animation, security and seamless gameplay. Offline casinos, on the other hand, focus on sounds and flashing lights. Therefore no matter which version you pick, as long as you get yourself familiar with its functioning you are bound to have the best of time engaging in this game of luck!